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  • Railtechniek uses state of the art 3D Cad Engineering, innovative production methods to optimize customer specifications.


A XXL system for Hop Metaalconservering BV in Veenendaal (NL)

We installed a Teleflex T5 Power & Free conveyor system for Hop Metaalconservering BV in Veenendaal. This heavy duty system transports very large and heavy metal constructions through the surface treatment processes.

It's probably the largest system in the Benelux, with a capacity of maximum 25 meters and 5000 kg.

A TELEFLEX® T4 Power & Free System for Atik Metal (TR)

For over 60 years Atik Metal provides high quality gray and ductile iron parts. Atik is strong in foreign and domestic production and delivery, has an experienced team with 500 employees, technicians and engineers. They use modern equipment with the latest technology.

In June 2016 we installed a TELEFLEX® T4 Power & Free System and a Monorail 240.000 for Atik with a total length of nearly 550 meters, supplied with 326 pusher dogs and 60 load bars... ...

Kingdom of the Netherlands

The advantages of overhead conveyors for woodworking assembly

As a modern woodworking factory firm De Mors decided to optimize and accelerate various woodworking activities. Until recently De Mors used their overhead monorail conveyor mainly for coating processes. In order to improve productivity on the complete assembly line including packaging and preparations for dispatch, the new system carries products through the various steps of the finishing process. It increases efficiency and flexibility and frees up valuable floor space.

Blycolin Laundry Renkum in Renkum (NL)

Dunnewolt installed a D3 system (clean side) at Blycolin Laundry Renkum (NL) by order of Senso Technics. The new system has 5 drop points and a capacity of 35 bag containers with a maximum load of 70 kgs for 2 types of linen. Now Blycolin has 2 original Dunnewolt monorail systems at their laundry. Earlier Dunnewolt finished the installation of the modification of the D2 system (soiled side). We also assembled a new sorting station with 8 positions, using the 2 existing sorting stations.


Crown Linen LLC in Fort Myers (USA)

Dunnewolt has successfully introduced a new sorting station. We have made a combination of the sorting station for single trolley bag containers and the stainless steel sorting bins for the double trolley bag containers. We can now sort in a single row like the sorting station and have the same capacity of the sorting bins. The width of the sorting station is almost even of the belt conveyor. The linen is now sorted in bags, which automatically open and close. The bags are fitted in a steel... ...