D8 system with rotating product suspensions at Kessels (DE)

Recently Railtechniek replaced the former K10 system at Kessels GmbH with a D8 system. Kessel is a German company from Mönchengladbach, which is specialized in the production of gas cylinders. Old bottles are treated and recycled. Some bottles even date from before the Second World War! Kessels uses the D8 system to transport the gas cylinders through the assembly lines. The project is installed in a one weekend.

With the new D8 system, the gas cylinders, of different sizes, are first transported through the shot blasting machine. Next, they are transported to various paint and powder rooms to finally be transported into the oven. During the blasting and paint treatments, the gas bottles will be rotated by rotation units, which makes the treatment easier and ensures that the products are treated