Exclusive Wampfler system at Timmerfabriek De Mol

Recently we installed a Wampfler 63 conveyor system with drop sections at Timmerfabriek De Mol. The installation is an extension of the current system of De Mol which also uses certain components of the previous system, including two pendulum beams. The system was realized within a month.

Timmerfabriek De Mol is located in Heinkenszand. The company is specialized in the processing of wooden frames, windows and doors. De Mol was interested in expanding their existing Wampfler system and called in the help of Railtechniek van Herwijnen.

The system we installed contains two drop sections. At one drop section products with a large size (wooden windows) can be loaded and at the other drop section smaller products (wooden doors) can be loaded.  After loading, the products are transported to the spray booth, at wich they can also be buffered. After the spraying process the products continue to the final assembly. It is also possible to redirect the wooden products to the spray booth, for example for an extra layer. Finally, the products are unloaded in the final assembly. The system contains 100 Load bars that each can carry a weight of 250 kilos each.