Expansion of the monorail system at Hijnekamp Kozijnen

Last week Railtechniek installed a Monorail 240.000 system at Hijnekamp kozijnen in Rhenen. Hijnekamp manufactures wooden casings, windows and doors. Hijnekamp wanted to expand the existing system to increase production. Railtechniek van Herwijnen was able to help the carpentry factory with this.

The monorail system installed by Railtechniek enables Hijnekamp to spray and assemble the window frames, doors and windows. By using a drop section, the products are loaded into the system, hung at the correct height and sprayed. After the products have been hung in the drying cabin, they are assembled. Railtechniek has also equipped Hijnekamp with 3 bridge cranes. These ensure that the products are loaded onto wagons for transport to the glazing department. At this location, the products are loaded into one of the slewing cranes and provided with glass.