Dunnewolt has chosen for in-house textiles

Dunnewolt Laundry Bags

Early 2018, Dunnewolt opened a new atelier. Due to the growing demand for sorting and handling systems from all over the world, the company decided to produce linen laundry bags itself. As a result, Dunnewolt has the total process of design, production and service in-house.


Dunnewolt is known for its advanced, highly reliable and computer controlled sorting and handling systems for both commercial as industrial laundries.  Since 2005 Dunnewolt has become part of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen Group. The client portfolio does not only consist of the most European countries, but also in countries like Canada, Australia, The United States and Japan Dunnewolt systems are installed.


The convenience of a single point of contact.


Dunnewolt supports its customers throughout the entire process, starting from design to production and after-sales service. The only link missing in the overall process was the production of linen laundry bags. Therefore Dunnewolt has decided to make all of his laundry bags in their own atelier. By keeping the entire production process in-house, Dunnewolt is able to guarantee a sharp delivery time, while at the same time increasing the flexibility which gives Dunnewolt the opportunity to respond quickly to customers.