Koninklijke Gazelle NV

Railtechniek van Herwijnen recently designed and manufactured an entire new Inverted Power and Free Overhead conveyor for one of the largest Dutch bicycle manufactures. The inverted Teleflex® F1 Power and Free System has a length of 450 meters and is used for powder coating bicycle frames. In consultation with the client, there is a lay-out design which is optimized with our expertise to realize the best out-put of products throughout the use of workstations etc. The system is equipped with 250 products carriers which can be buffered at various workstations.

With the built in-house advanced control system, it is possible to trace the product throughout the entire routing. With unique barcodes, bike frames are sent by the system to reach the desired workstations. With touchscreens various parameters, such as speed, time in oven, etc, can be set. Through a VPN connection, these settings can be adjusted externally without having to get on site. When needed the VPN connection can also be used for remote support.

The project is designed, manufactured and installed in a period of 8 weeks.